Battle of the AweSomme

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Fixture 4 (30/11/11): Anthony vs Chris

This week, Anthony and Chris have been remixing Just Dance by Lady Gaga, chosen by Ant. But before we move to that, a quick recap on current standings: So far, Ryan is the remixer to beat with 2 wins from 2, closely followed by Dan with 1 win. Good work chaps.

Anyway, back to this week and it seems Anthony and Chris have both had similar ideas on remixing Lady Gaga, both going for a minimal, synth heavy sound. Perhaps they have spent too much time together recently what with working together and spending the weekend in the same recording studio. Either way, listen to the two tracks below and make a decision on which one you prefer. Vote for your favourite via the poll at the bottom of this post.

Anthony’s remix:
Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Or don’t dance remix) by AnthonyHarris

Chris’ remix:
Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Reworked) by chris_lings

Vote bitch!


Pre Weekend Treatz!

When we’re not doing remixes, we’re mainly sitting on our arses, eating burgers and chocloate. But sometimes we get all itchy for making new shit… As a result, here’s Matty ‘Tugboat’ Wishart’s remixing of Kat Francois’ Poetry Whore:


…And in a similar vein of creativity, Anthony has cooked up this short little number:

23/11/2011 by AnthonyHarris

Round of applause for Anthony for actually managing to make some music for once! Good job too, as he will be submitting a remix of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance along with Chris on Monday.


Fixture 3 (23/11/11): Nathan vs Ryan

Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting fixture 3. Originally this fixture was intended to be a contest between Ant and Dave, however Ant selected a quite frankly ridiculous track to remix and subsequently no competitor was able to complete anything. That and Dave got real busy as well.

So no points for either of them and now fixture 3 sees the introduction of a new competitor - Mr Nathan Wilson. For his first fixture he was given the responsibility of choosing the track to remix and this week, you get to listen and vote for remixes of The Street’s breakthrough single, Let’s Push Things Forward.

Tracks are as always below and voting closes a week today (That’s the 30th Nov) 

Nathan’s remix: push the bass forward by laines productions

Ryan’s remix Which Ways Forwards - Rymo Remix by chris_lings



Fixture 2 (07/11/11): Matt vs Dan

Here’s fixture 2, bitches, and guess what’s getting remixed?? It’s only bloody ‘Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrison!! Selected by Matthew Wishart (aka DJ Tugboat) - this week’s home remixer - it promises to be an interesting face off with two very different styles.

So, have a listen to both remixes below and then vote for the one that you prefer. 2 Points to the winner!

Matt’s remix

TUGBOAT - Return of the (wh)/(m)ack remix by TUGBOAT.WHACK

Dan’s remix

[Battle Of The Aweomme] - Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack (Machete Fork Runt Mix By Danny B-Ruks) by DanielBrooks



We have a weiner!!

The voting on fixture 1 is now closed and the winner is… Ryan! 4 votes separated the remixes of Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl so it was pretty tight! 2 Points to Ryan then and no points to Chris.


Fixture 1 (31/10/11): Ryan vs Chris

First fixture in the Battle of the Awesomme!! Ryan is this weeks home artist and has challenged Chris to remix seminal noughties rock anthem ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ by Jet! 

Listen to the two remixes and vote for your favourite. Voting closes Sunday 6th November at 11.30 PM. The track with the most votes wins, and it’s creator gets 2 points.

Ryan’s remix
Get Your Kicks (Instrumental) - Rymo by chris_lings

Chris’ remix
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Lime & Soda Remix) by chris_lings



Trash Talk Sunday

Ryan: “I finished mine in a day and still feel like I put too much effort into this battle with you!”

Chris: “That’s a waste of a whole day you could have been out selling motors, wideboy!”


Dan vs Anthony

So, last week Dan had challenged Anthony to remix Paul Simon’s Boy In The Bubble…

Anthony failed to finish his remix and conceded defeat. What a pussy.

Anyway, here’s Dan’s remix. It’s pretty buff-ting.

[Battle of the AweSomme] - Paul Simon - Boy In The Bubble (Dans It’s Been A Slow Day Remix) by DanielBrooks


Dave vs Chris (Friendly)

The league proper doesn’t start for a few weeks yet, but to get appetites well and truly whetted we’re gonna have a few friendlies. First up is Dave Leighton vs Chris Lings. Listen to both the remixes below and then vote which one you prefer.


Here’s Chris Lings’ attempt at remixing Milkshake.